Ahead Earplug kit?


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Anyone seen or used this yet?

I saw it in DRUM! Today. Apparently Ahead put out an earplug kit where you mix the components and dump it in your hear to make your own custom plugs


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I just bought the Radian self mold plugs on Amazon last week. Yeah, they were around $10. They came Friday.
These are exactly what Ahead is selling in the previous link.

These are great. Easy to make, cheap, easy to insert and take out....
Just tried them with the band yesterday in my basement. Since it is a basement, it's basically a loud environment, but still sounds good since it's a large area.

The sound is really good with these plugs, and they didn't cause any distortion for me.
These are way better than any other plugs I've tried--especially the foam type.

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Looking at the reviews a few in, they seem to be kinda bad for this product.

The people probably didn't read or follow the instructions very well.

You need to cut each piece of putty in half (easy in the little container) and kneed 1/2 the white, and 1/2 the colored piece together to make 1 plug.
It will cure/harden then. Someone said they had goo in their ear for a long time. Must not have read the instructions and just plopped it plain in their ear.... that would feel creepy...

It is IMPORTANT to clean your hands and ears BEFORE you handle the stuff.
That way, it can't be contaminated, and will set up and cure correctly when it's in your ear. I used Isopropyl Alchohol.
Worked great and really easily for me.

I'm making another set tonight for a back up.
Thought I'd pass it along.