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Ryan Culberson

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I ended up putting a drop of super glue or something (dont remember) on the threads to keep them on. This was like 20 years ago or so. I was playing death metal and practicing for hours a day. The sticks definitely got put through their paces. And yes I have broken a couple.
I admittedly play much softer music, so such tip issues wouldn’t come into play. I did replace the tips on one pair (tried a different model). Put a drop of super glue when installing and they’ve never given me a problem since.
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Old Dog new Cans

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SO.. . .I just bought a pair of the Ahead 2b's from DrummingDeal.com At first, I was a bit disappointed. They're not as substantial in weight or size.
But, when I went to the drum pad, they felt really balanced, really good! Haven't sat behind the kit with them yet.

I don't know what they are normal, but even at $19.99 I almost said, Too much. Considering they're made to last, etc. . . .I'll post back in 5 years.

Jasta 11

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you definitely have to wrap them, they are slippery when dry. Also they are very tip heavy so they take a little getting used to the balance. Durable as heck though.


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I tried the MAXX ones and they're just too long & weird feeling. Maybe if I mess with them a bit longer, I'll get used to them. But for now, I'm just not feeling it.

Living Dead Drummer

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I used them for many years on the road while I was recovering from mild tendinitis. Took me a while to find the right model, I settled on the 5AB Concert, as it was the closest to my wood model, the Regal Tip 5BX.
I've switched back to wood full time, as it's my preference, however I still keep a pair of AHEAD sticks in my bag for those nights when I'm going extra hard and end up getting fatigued. I also use them on gigs I do with Street Drum Corps, as we endorse AHEAD and have a signature model out with them.

As long as you check the tips every now and then between songs, and change the covers once they get chewed up like a wood stick then you're fine.