Ahead Armor Case Lead Times Before Shipment?


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Anyone recently order drum cases from ahead? I placed an order 2 weeks in advance of when I would want them and it looks like the my order hasn't even been processed for the 3 days since I placed it.

I'm not expecting world class ecommerce or warehousing but not touching an order for three days is odd.

C.M. Jones

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I ordered my AHEAD cases from Sweetwater, and they shipped the same day. They were at my doorstep two days later. I've never ordered anything directly from AHEAD, but unless they don't have your sizes in stock, we can only guess at the cause of the delay. Sometimes, a manufacturer hands an order over to a retailer for processing. I suppose that could be at work as well.


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Pretty sure their factory is in Asia and they send containers by ship to Big Bang Distributing, which is where orders are shipped from. If Big Bang doesn’t have the exact items in their warehouse, then they may not get them in for months. Might be why they haven’t bothered processing the order yet.