Agree or Disagree: Matt Stone and Trey Parker the Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of modern TV


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I've been giving this a lot of thought as a long-time fan of South Park and a new of Steely Dan.

But if you look at the progression of Steely Dan and South Park's progression, where their prime is in the middle of their career. They often feature double meanings to get through on a deeper political or social or [sometimes] drug related issue.

I'm not crazy am I? Are there more cases like this in artists?


Trey Parker's delivery is much more like Frank Zappa than anything Steely Dan, but I'm not as familiar with his style.


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Disagree in that Steeley Dan liked perfection in the studio.

Matt and Trey purposely used low quality animation and imperfection.

The Dan were never outrageous IMHO, while South Park thrives on how far can they push the envelope to the edge of good taste. So Zappa does make some sense in that regard.