Aged wood, what do you think?


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So I know many of you have probably heard ye same thing I have, which is wood that ha aged longer, tends to sound better. Which got me wondering if you piece together a set with some drums ring older than others, but the same wood / thickness and ply, would you be able to tell the difference? This first came to mind as people with custom kits may want to add on, and they may want more custom shells to match, or when people piece together vintage kits where all the shells may have come from different years or eras.

For this example, imagine purchasing a 4 piece kit. Then after 5+ years you purchase a set of replacement toms (strictly for this topic) and you compare them to the old ones you're replacing.

Of course I may be thinking way too in depth about something that has no significance to the sound of a kit, but curiosity always gets the best of me :)