Age old question: How to prevent the kick drum/hi hat from sliding away

Drummer Calvin

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Say you don’t see any carpet on the stage, the first thing comes to your mind is probably “That’s bs, how injustice is this? A drum platform/stage without carpet for my set? WTH?

I was force to carry a small rug with me to gigs. More pieces to carry is never a good idea. Kick drum you can somehow manage to anchor it in place, but the hi hat is much trickier without carpet. My carpet is just big enough to go under the kick and the hat. But there’re times you just swear under your breath “these people just don’t care about drummers”.

of course the easiest way is still small strings to restrain the kick/hat. How come all the rubber feet are solid rubber? Solid rubber may last longer, but it offers no anchor or bite on the hard surface. What do you think about those rubber feet used for walking canes? We need a good idea for drum anchor on hard surfaces.

Ps: last time I was forced to use string to tie my drum was only 1 months ago during a jam session.



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I also bring my own rug. My more elaborate set up even has marked locations for quicker and consistent set up.

The rug also helps to mark part of the stage as yours, and let's your oblivious guitar players know maybe that's not a great spot to put their amp and guitar case.


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Also, don't people have retractable spikes on their pedals, spurs, and hi hat feet? I thought that was pretty standard in the modern era.


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Just take a rug. They're $15 at Walmart. I like what Mr Pockets said, a rug is part of your gear like sticks or anything else you need to play a your instrument.

No Way Jose

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You need a rug. Actually rugs are good for singers too. They keep floor vibrations out of the microphones.