Against The Ordinary Live at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood!!!


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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd share a couple videos of my band playing at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, California. There are definetely a few mistakes and we have a few improvements to make, but this was only our second gig and I think we did a pretty good job :) In case your wondering, I'm rockin a DW Collectors Series with TRX cymbals (20 in. crash and 22 in. ride) and Sabian cymbals (16 in. crash and 14 in. hi-hats).

Any comments or crtiques are very much welcome :D


Destruction Blues:

Thanks a lot!

Jacob G.


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Nice solid playing. I dig the Ian Paice vibe at the start of the 2nd song.

Certainly no criticisms of your drumming.

The band as whole just sounds young and not very experienced. Everyone's playing fine, but it's not all locked in together 100%. Different players tempos were fluctuating up and down off the main groove in spots. But that comes with time and experience.