after vacation - how long it takes you to be on track


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Ok. I have a 2 weeks vacation.
It was the first time I have not play drums for so long.
Normally i practice daily.
I return 2 days ago.. and I still feel and hear that my playing suck :(
How long it takes you to come back to your best ?
Do you have any idea or clue how to quickly.

How it is if you stop drumming for a month ?

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Never stopped drumming for a full month, 3 weeks when i wen to China 2 years ago.

Reality is that I practice so much that sometimes a longer break is good for me. I had this idea when life gets into more of a routine to take one day off per week, but since I don't have anything else interesting to do, wadda you know.
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I notice it if I've even had one day off. Body just won't listen and things feel off.

Good news is, it usually only takes a day to get back on track if I play for a while. Sometimes it even wears off as the night goes on.


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I have never been on vacation.. so no idea what off track is... i did spend 3 days in critical care a few months back.. it was like a vacation i imagine :)


Usually on vacation, I will bring a pair of sticks and find some place to practice on or bring my practice pad.

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I haven't had a kit in 24 years and just bought a new set. I'm rusty of course, but I can still play. Will take a while to be where I know I was but it won't take too long I don't think. And I play to songs I like so I've been finger playing on my steering wheel and floor board drums all these years I've never had a set. I still keep the beat.

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At least being rusty on drums is no big deal. You're not going to get hurt. Try ripping on a dirt bike after not riding for a long time. Talk about feeling Gumby. And things happen fast on a dirt bike. Scary to be rusty on a bike. But after a few hours you get your groove back on that too.

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I'm being forced to take another break. I've only had my new kit for 2 weeks. Having my 2nd brain surgery tomorrow. Will be down for another month baring I survive this 2nd surgery. Plan on it of course but I no control over a damn thing once I'm out.