After switching from electronic to acoustic....


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I'm sitting here behind my Big City Kit which i miced and gave some reverb. Hearing myself playing through the headphone makes me reminisce of the TD-4 which i owned and sold for my Mapex set.

My personal experience is that electronic drums can never replace acoustic and should therefore be forbidden! ;)

Do you agree or not and why?


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This topic is discussed regularly, but my opinion is that electronic kits are very valuable to people in certain situations. If you're in an apartment, for example, you may never be able to practice on your own with an acoustic kit. The electronic kit lets me practice for 24 hours straight (if I wanted) without disturbing anyone.

So yeah, I think electronic kits are valuable.


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I like self-contained multi-pads for electronic stuff.

When I want the experience of playing a full set, it's acoustic for me.