Advise on touring, please!

Funky Crêpe

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One said that you think that touring will help you get ahead in the industry, advance your career. Well, that can be true or false. If these guys have a bad reputation or are known to be unprofessional, being associated with them will actually hurt your career. Just putting that out there.
ya, i really ment just for the experience, any playing in front of an audience is good.
but its all over anyway, i'm not talking to them ever again. The jam session was scheduled AGAIN for today at 7........he said he would ring me at 6 for directions. He rang at half 7 wondering where i was...that man is smoking some serious ganga!! I just said that even though they were not professional yet, they should act professional and be respectful, i had to get away from them before they spread their toxic stink all over me!


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I've recently had a similar experience with people.

I joined a band which I like and thought had a lot of potential. We did a few gigs here and there which all went down well and got quite a bit of independent record label interest out of it. Even one saying yep we'll release you. For this reason we arranged to do some recordings. I did all my bits then went on tour for 6 weeks and the plan was for them to finish it all by the time I got back. I introduced them to some friends of mine who had all the recording equipment and who were willing to do it for FREE so there was no excuses. Anyway I came back and all they'd managed to muster up was a few guitar tracks.

In rehearsals it always seemed like they were rehearsing just to remember the parts that they had forgotten from last time. We started recording rehearsals. That would've helped if they listened to them. We'd arrange time to chip away at the recordings but we'd get a call on the day saying that they'd been out partying and too hung over to do anything. You get the picture. Completely flaky and unprofessionals.

It's been 1 and a half years now since I recording my drums and it's a joke...a very frustrating joke!! I've left it now as give me a call when you've finished it and I'm just not getting involved any more. I doubt I ever will get that call to be honest. Shame as they're nice guys and I thought it had a lot of potential.

But anyway they sound like similar people to me and better to get out now rather than waste a year and half of your life on it. Like me!!