Advice on ride cymbal


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Don't become enslaved to the stereotype that rock demands bright, focused cymbals, whereas jazz and fusion call for darker, more diffused tones. Some rock drummers like dark cymbals, just as some jazz drummers favor bright ones. Cultivating your own sound makes more sense than acquiring a plethora of equipment to be switched out depending upon the genre you're playing. More important, given that you're "pretty new to drumming," your attention should be centered on technique, not on gear. Zildjian As are highly versatile and should easily cover all your bases for the time being. You have all the equipment you need. Put it to use with disciplined practice.

Top advice, having one ride that can cover a lot of ground will save you a lot of money in the long run.

A's will handle any genre you throw at them. The only thing with B20 cymbals is they have their own individual nuances but that's an argument to be had for another day (and one that happens nearly every other day here!)

I personally find a 20" A Medium a bit too light but the 22" A Medium is a different beast altogether, bit bigger and heavier but gives it a bit more darkness and control which is what you're after.
A thin to medium size maple stick with a teardrop stick will also give you a bit of a darker / less sharp tone. That plus the already mentioned tape and a sizzle chain for $1 will give you quite a few options. Don't rush into buying a new cymbal - if you're like most of us, you might eventually get a second ride when you know what you're looking for. ;)


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I’m pretty new to drumming but really enjoy adding drum set to the instruments I can play coming originally from a guitar/bass background.

I’d like to have a set that is decent enough quality for a variety of drummers if I make my house a recording studio. I’ve got a pretty decent Ludwig 5 piece with Zildjian A-cymbal pack.

I like the brighter tone of the As for most rock drumming I do but am curious if it’s worth having at least a different ride cymbal for jazz or fusion drumming as I’m interested in learning a variety of styles.

at my stage in learning I’m guessing more gear won’t be necessary but I wondered if having a dry or dark ride could aid in hearing stick definition? Or other purposes?

Apologies if this is too noob of a question but with the pandemic I dont have a drum community I can see in person to hear how they do/view things. As I watch videos of brilliant drummers explaining their favorite ride cymbals to learn more, it seems like dry cymbals get descriptions like “more musical playing” and “better stick definition” from their aficionados.

if it’s good to have some cymbals with different characteristics, what diversity/variety do you go for? Do you put different ride/hh/crashes on for different sets or recording situations? What do you do/get if the ride seems too washy for certain songs?

thanks to anyone reading this and sharing your experiences!

I have the ride from my avatar, the K custom Dark Ride.. and I find it's sound simply amazing and so musical, very sophisticated. Each time I practice jazz on it, I am impressed and enjoy it.

I don't know if it's any good for recording or if it would go well with some other instruments.. but when I listen to it, I like it a lot. It took a visit to 3 stores trying rides before I found mine.. nothing would work.. then there was that specific 22" and it was IT.

For rock, punk, I would definitely look at something brighter with more ping, less expensive too.

Sooo, I am pretty sure I'll get more rides later, to match different styles of music I like. :)