Advice on Drum Wraps, Please

I posted a few days ago about my CL score of a four piece Camco kit for $150 (also including a pair of Sabian AA hats and 20" Sabian AA ride!). The kit was terribly dirty as it had been in storage for 15 years, but now that I've taken it apart and started cleaning the hardware I'm finding that it's in amazing condition. Now that they are clean, all the lugs look virtually brand new. There are tiny rust spots on two of the rims, but that's about the extent of it. The shells are somewhat dinged up and there are holes from some ugly non-original tom mounts that I want to fill. I've decided that, given the condition of the hardware, I'm going to look at the drums as more than a good players kit and take the leap into wrapping the shells, probably in WMP or another original type finish. My research into wraps has turned up a number of different companies, including Bum Wrap,Jammin Sam,Sic Skinz and others. Most companies claim their wraps are easy to install and most seem to employ either pre applied adhesive or tape to attach the wrap. The shells on the Camco's are wood that was repainted with what looks like an automotive paint, and I'd like to be able to apply the wrap directly to the painted surface. Is there anyone out there that has wrapped their drums with any of these products? Should I be concerned about the added thickness of the wrap affecting the fit of the heads?

Any advice you are willing to share will be greatly appreciated!

The Old Hyde

there are some good youtube clips of re-wrapping which are helpful. i used precision drum. their wrap requires adhesive applied to both the entire shell and the entire wrap letting it cure for 20 min, and then applying tightly around the drum. i liked this method, however the wraps that come with pre applied adhesive strips should work just as well and be easier to apply. the wrap i removed from my pearl kit was applied this way. as far as the wrap getting in the way of the heads, you have to trim the wrap about 1/4 in from the bearing edge so it doesnt get in the way. each site you buy from should have video clips of their own installation process. good luck and dont forget before and after pics!


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Most modern pearl and sparkle wraps,won't add too much diameter to the shell,but glass glitter wraps are thicker than those mentioned.Depending on era,Camco used shells made by both Jasper and later on,Keller.

I've done rewraps with contact cement,and it takes care to do a proper job.Jammin Sam,uses a two way tape,and some that have used that method,swear by it also.I would do my own research,so whatever decision you make,you'll be comforable with.

The outer ply of those shells,is maple,so stripping the paint,and staining/sealing or just leaving a natural finish,is also an option.

What made Camcos sound the way they do,was the attention to detail in the bearing edges.You need to take great care to maintain their integrity,or you'll change the sound of the drum.

Steve B