Advice on a Pearl Masters Snare


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I saw a seemingly mint condition mid-90s Pearl Masters Brass 14x6.5 snare with an original Pearl bag in a local (Philippine) ad. It's going for the equivalent of US$480.

I saw another one, but rather beat up, going for the equivalent of US$240.

Is this model, and these prices, worth considering? I don't really need one, because I hardly gig nowadays. But I've never had a 14x6.5 deep snare, so the possibility of getting one really intrigues me.

Fritz Frigursson

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Hey mate

Since the shell isn't in the best of shape and the badge is somehow torn (is it just a sticker?) I wouldn't be paying 450 for that since you can get a brand new Acrolite for that kind of money. Nowadays you can get a 14x6.5 Free Floater which is a better snare for the same price new so no, I wouldn't really give it much attention. Though if you think it's a good deal, go for it since it's not a bad snare at all. Just needs some scrubbing and lubing.


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The $480 one is overpriced. But I'd get the $240 one. A good buy.
The patina on the brass is not so bad, and if you don't like it, clean it up and sell for a little more.
Everybody should try a brass snare, or a deeper snare, at least once.