Advice for newbie on a different path ?


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There are FOUR of those f***ing things??
The ones that I snagged/borrowed from "Rudimental Ritual" for my own practice routine are:


Play any foot ostinato (samba), and play those over top as 8ths, 16ths, and triplets. You'll feel absolutely stupid for the first several practice sessions.

Do the same with doubles:

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IMO, drums are the easiest instrument to play effectively as to not sound like a total fool. For one with some musical ability, good sense of timing and some athletic talents doesn't hurt either, drums are much easier to play and to learn.

I can say this with a droplet of authority as I'm an accomplished bass player, can hold my own on rhythm and lead guitar and am fair at keys. Throughout my many years, it was more difficult to become proficient with these as compared to drums.

With that said however, to play drums extraordinarily well is another story and will take years of practice and study to get there.....If in fact it ever happens. Most drummers I know and have known basically hit a wall at a certain level.

On another note, I've decided to order a budget violin and cello just to see if I can pull those off in a year or two and my wife thinks I'm crazy for even trying.
I do think drums fall into that category of "(fairly) easy to play, (very) difficult to master". It's also very easy to go down the wrong road technique wise and limit your potential (speaking from experience).

Violin.... I started learning a few years ago (I'm now 38).. Wow, it is the most difficult thing I've ever done. It is *hard* to play and nigh on impossible to master! I managed ABRSM grade 4 recently, got 110 out of 150 so only a pass. I still sound like a complete novice and no way could play on a stage.

I'm finding a common theme though. The importance of relaxation. I've suffered with tension for years with the drums, and I'm finding the same with violin. It took many years before I realised I was playing drums with a lot of tension (I started getting pain in my hands and wrists), and it's now taking me very focused practise to try and eliminate that.

As for hitting a wall, I think that's to do with correct practise.

I do not believe natural talent plays a large role. I'm sure I read a study that said they compared musicians entering music college, and basically the only difference between different levels of playing was the time they put in.

As another poster said: nothing beats (deliberate) practise.


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Hey chaps..

Sorry I didn't reply..

Got a message from "Bernhard" telling me the username I registered with was taken.. I need to change who I am apparently ! Stumped me .. I'll get round to that I guess Bernhard if it's absolutely necessary.. but for now can I necro-thank all you lovely people who gave me ideas and suggestions.. :D

I AM going to look at rudiments and following these up, sadly other aspects of life have dominated since I got into this in July so I've only put in an hour here, couple hours there, jamming along to stuff without a plan!

I'd be interested in (and a bit scared of :D) any feedback, so please check out some of my "creations" on SoundCloud.. Please do point out any classic mistakes I'm making of techniques that might help me ! Follow me if you're interested in following my progress, collaborating, or just making me feel more important :D

Have to say I was extremely drunk during the recording of the first track (ignore the reposts) " Decay Trace " .. and .. well .. most of the others too :D