Advice for my audition in 2 weeks?


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I'll be going to the university in music (jazz and popular music interpretation) on the drums of course, and I need a couple advices for my audition. It needs to be 20min long and I can play pretty much anything I want. Of course, I have to show musical diversity.

I was thinking about playing Halo from Porcupine Tree because I absolutely love it and it has weird time signatures:

Then I'd probably play Treasure from Bruno Mars because it's really groovy and has a lot of space to jam:

Now that's where I have questions. I don't know that much about latin music except a basic samba and bossa nova. Should I just play those basic rhythms or should I find songs with those types of grooves? Because like I said I don't really know about that type of music so any song recommandations would be gladly appreciated :p Same thing with jazz. I know the basics but I don't know where to start searching for songs :s

I also have to do a reading exercise but I don't have any problems with that and they don't take this into account that much anyway.


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For what it's worth:

I would think it's more useful to show them what you're good at than to show them where you need to learn. If you're not used to playing jazz or latin, what's the point in showing them that you really don't have much experience there. Show them what you love and what you're good at and they will understand you can reach a similar level in other genres.