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whenever I go to this forum on my computer I get advertisement attachments that take over my computer.right now I'm on my cell phone posting this.does anyone else have this problem?also is there anything I can do to stop it because I really like this forum.?when I go to another forum that I like that doesn't happen it seems to be only with this one


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I see adverts in the top of the screen, and in some screens, near the bottom but it's not obtrusive.

If you're having trouble, you may want to run a malware removal program. But be careful, because some malware removal programs seem to be a cure that's as bad as the disease.

My son's PC was hamstrung recently, and I installed malwarebytes which improved things a lot.

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Use Google Chrome, then download the AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions. Adverts will vanish. You can probably get something similar for Firefox.


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I access the forum via my iPad so not suffering with your problems.

However it seems the ads are targeting me as a bald bloke looking for love (and stuff):



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It sounds like you may have a virus/malware problem. Is your virus protection program running? Some programs which may help are "spy bot search and destroy" and as already mentioned "malwarebytes".

It might be a bit too late if it's taking over your pc though; viruses are pretty good at avoiding removal after a certain point. It's possible if you're not really savy you may need some help removing these viruses. Lots of shops and repair places will do this for you on a flat fee, this is way preferable to an hourly fee for that work. Shop around.


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I agree with a malware/virus.

I had one that only popped up adds when I visited forums.

I thought it was this site too, but then I realized it was indeed a virus.


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I'm not sure what you mean by attachments so I'll assume popups. What are the ads for? If it mentions any virus or malware infection and it's not from your antivirus software, DO NOT click/install/run anything.

I highly recommend running the free program RogueKiller. If there's something on your system, it should find it. Malwarebytes is also good. You'll probably have to bring it onto the system via removeable media because your Internet browser access is dorked.

If you have further issues after running those feel free to PM me.

For regular browsing there's Adblock or similar add-ons for Firefox, Chrome, and IE. This will reduce revenue for sites you frequent to include this one, but it's nice.


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thanks for the replys. it'll be awhile before I'm back on my computer again. I put ad blocker on there and I will see how that goes.I restored my computer to earlier date and removed some coupon things on my programs that I did not put on there.I will probably add rogue killer or something of that nature right now all I have is Microsoft security essential and it says everything is OK