Adjusting double pedal beaters...


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OK so this is my second thread on my new double bass pedal.This time I need to pick your brains on how to get the two beaters to act alike.
I have messed around with the tension on both springs,but no matter how I do it,the left beater,that is controlled by the far left pedal,sits like an entire inch further back when inactive,and when you pull both beaters back,and let go,the left one stops after a few seconds,where the right one flows nicely.

Its a cheapo sound percussion I got for a deal,and just wanted to get my feet wet so to speak,but its a pretty decent looking pedal,with decent looking assembly,and it works fine it seems,but from what ive seen on you tube and so on,both beaters should act the same,or youll have a screwed up technique.

It didnt come with any assembly or troubleshooting tips,and their site is stripped down to nothing.So I am asking the drummers again,for any help you can give me.Thanks in advance.
cheapo pedals generally don't have the functionality of higher end stuff. All pedals, however come with adjustable springs. Try matching up the spring tension evenly so that the oscilations are even. That's going to be more important than the stop/ starting position of each beater. If your pedal doesn't have an adjustable cam, you might want to try using a bent beater on your slave pedal like a bent danmar:

Or if your brave and technically proficient, take out some chain lengths on your slave or get a shorter replacement chain or strap.