Adjusting a kit between two drummers.


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small rant: (Ive never met the other drummer)

I share a kit at my guitar players studio. Its his kit, I just play it. Anyway, his other band uses the studio too so there is some adjustment going on when I use the kit and the other drummer uses it. For a long time, it has only been the hi-hat height. I like it high, he uses it low. No big deal to adjust, but lately ive noticed a bunch of other adjustments that are kind of strange and I almost feel like hes trying to bug me with these. when I went there last night, the ride cymbal was like Niko McBrain, practically vertical? I laughed and changed it back but then I noticed both floor toms were like 2 inches lower than before and lower than my knee? the throne was really high as well. I was putting it all back and said off the cuff to the guitar player " your other drummer is a noodler, he like to noodle around with everything" and he said "yeah I saw him all over the kit and told him to just leave it and play it". haha its funny that he noticed all the things the guy was doing and even said so to him. I was thinking maybe it was directed at me more than at his comfort for playing....


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Sometimes I like to change things around on my kit that nobody else uses so I can experience something different/have a different angle on things.
Maybe he is just trying new stuff.


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If I have to play someone else's drums, as long as my seat height is comfortable, I don't much care where anything else is.

When I was at PIT, I spent a whole year not playing my own drums. When I was gigging a lot, there were often times where there was no choice but to use different set ups, and often with little time to adjust. I just learned to go with the flow.


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With adjustments like that, I can only imagine the other drummer is messing with you. Either that or they have put up with your adjustments for this whole time, finally deciding to put in the effort of reconfiguring the kit before playing now.

I leave my kit at my church, and it gets used by the drummer for another church that rents out the space. Things are adjusted all the time in ways that don't make any freakin' sense, but it's consistent, so I imagine this drummer really plays the kit that way. Everytime he puts tape or moongel on the kit, I take it off and throw it away. A month ago there was a large folded piece of tissue taped to the floor tom head, and the drum sounded terrible with it on there, so I took it off and wrote "sounds terrible" on it, leaving it for him to find. He also takes the DW snare off the kit and replaces it with his own cheap metal snare which is tuned about as horrible as you can possibly "tune" a snare drum. I met him one time, and he's your stereotypical clueless/inexperienced drummer.


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I wouldn't take it personal. You're playing someone else's kit so expect to adjust everything whenever you arrive. If you only have to adjust the throne and hats, consider it a great day. The alternative is to have your own kit there that nobody else touches.