Adjust Pedal or Technique


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Sorry not sure if this is a pedal issue, a technique issue, or both. My bass drum pedal seems too sensitive. When I play one beat it rebounds quickly into a second unless I immediately pull my foot up. Is this the pedal being too sensitive, or is this just proper bass drum technique (pulling foot up quickly)?


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Rebound is your friend! Learning how to utilize rebound will allow you to effortlessly perform doublets, triplets and quintuplets on a single bass drum. Don't kill the rebound on your drums -- learn how to use it to your personal advantage.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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There are quite a few ways to play a pedal, so it can be any number of things.

It would help to see your pedal and your technique in action.


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If I knew what pedal you were using and how it's tweaked up and positioned on the drum hoop, then that might can help solve a number of issues with the pedal.

I would like to just say; heck with it and take everything off the drum kit and preposition everything on it again, hoping to get a different sound and feel, after its all positioned up again correctly.

That's not saying a lot, more than it is doing it.

No, it's NOT typically a technique drummers use to stop a double(let) on the bass drum. They would either bury the beater or strike it in a different fashion, rather than quickly raise they're foot up... It could be a number of issues really.

When this happens to me, I usually get use to the way the pedal behaves and try and usually it happens, we get use to this feeling and it responds to our foot and accepts it. Or, I personally loosing up the spring tension, maybe by a few threads and give it some slack so it has more control under our (my) foot.

Most guys have this issue, I know I do.

I don't wanna say it's a weak issue or take care of that bud. BUT rather say it's more of a technique or tension issue.

Like I say: if you don't have a good pedal, than you probably won't be in time with the music.