Adding swing to metal


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My guitarist has been listening to swing and big band stuff lately and was wanting to add some to our music.
As is we play a blend of punk thrash and death metal.
Now I've always enjoyed drumming and grooving in the pocket, a lot of influence from funk.
Anyone have tips or listening suggestions to help out? I've never really listened to swing.
So far, it's a great excuse to lay off the double pedal, which I've mentioned to them before.
Check out some early Black Sabbath. Bill Ward was a huge fan of the old swing drummers. That informed his playing very much. Listen to how he generally played to the song melody, not necessarily boom-crack-boom-crack. Not very often did he play a straight groove.

Also, check this out...add a little metal to your swing. :)
One of the first influences for Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden drummer) was Joe Morello...but he main influences came from blues drummers.
I personally think that Nicko plays like a big band drummer in a metal contest...