Adding a tom to a Sonor Safari


My son has been making heavy use of his Sonor Safari for gigs, and he has expressed an interest in adding another tom. I have a few concerns/questions:
1. Is the Safari designed to withstand the stress of another mounted tom? Lately this kit is getting used every weekend, sometimes for multiple gigs. All those set ups/break downs plus the playing with the mass of another tom seems like a lot of stress. In particular, I've been a little worried about the drum riser thing and more weight on that. Can the kit take it?
2. What exactly will I need to mount the tom? It looks like I will need that whole piece (don't know the name) that slides into the kick drum with 2 tom mounts.
3. I've seen free standing tom mounts. Would that be a better choice, or is even another floor tom (12"???) a possibility?
4. The kit is red sparkle so presumably the 12" tom from the Bop kit would be the perfect match. There is a silver sparkle on ebay right now. Do specific items like a red sparkle 12" turn up frequently, or should I just go for whatever is the closest match, and accept finish differences.


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I cant quite answer your question as im not familiar with the kit, but you could always mount the drum off a cymbal stand? you can get a clamp which attaches to the cymbal stand, and then the tom arm fits in the clamp. many kits use this method of tom mounts so its perfectly safe.

EDIT - after a quick google of the kit, the clamp can go straight onto the original tom mount so no need to hang it from a cymbal stand. sonor are decent kits so the extra 'stress' should be fine. afterall, the weight wont be one sided for a start, so may actually be better for it


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No problem. That is a thick shell. I hang a tom and two cymbals, (splash and heavy jazz ride on a boom arm) from my Safari bass drum.
You can buy a double tom mount that will fit the Sonor bass drum receiver or buy a double tom stand that will hold the two toms and a cymbal right next to the BD so that one of the toms sits right over the BD. Link to Sonor double holder bass drum mount that will be a match for your Safari.
Two on the side config. See pics. That stand holds two cymbals as well as two toms. It allows the drummer to keep the ride cymbal in the same place as with a 4 piece kit.

Why not just buy an entire Bop kit in silver sparkle, then your son will have all sorts of setup options. One kit could stay set up while one stays as a gig kit. Your son could just borrow the tom that he needs to make a five piece when he gigs.


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It'll be something like this you want.

I've got 2 Sonor kits, one Force 3003 which this tom mount came with and a Sonor Jungle which I believe is very similar to the Sonor Safari. I just had a quick check and it fits fine in the Jungle (it was unlikely that would be an issue but I thought I'd check anyway).

Its a pretty heavy mount but honestly I doubt it would have any stress holding it, they are well built kits.

EDIT - As far as finding a matching tom goes it'll mainly be luck, unless you can get hold of a shop thats a Sonor dealer and they can get you another tom for it, I'm not that versed in that kind of thing I'm afraid.