Adding a Bass Drum to my Kit 22 or 24?


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Hey all, so I'm looking at some bass drums to add to my kit. I love my 20" but it doesn't cut it for the rock gigs. So I'm looking to get either a 22" or a 24" bass drum, and I'm undecided on the size. Also, my kit is a Yamaha Stage Custom in Honey Amber, and Yamaha offers the Oak Custom drums in the same finish.

So what do you guys think? 22" or 24"? Birch made in China or Oak made in Japan?

Beam Me Up Scotty

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I'm gonna go with the 22" as well. Tom placement issues aside, it's a great midway between the current 20", and potential 24". I find 24"s to be too boomy for my liking; the 22" is just right. It'll give you that extra 'oomph' that your 20" may be lacking, but will still retain some of the punchyness that will be lessened with the 24".

As for the Oak VS Birch... which costs less, and/or which do YOU prefer the sound of?


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Pretty big price difference between the SC and the Oak bass drums.

If the 20's not doing it for you though , and the price isn't a deal breaker, you might as well go whole hog, and get the Oak in 24".


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I mean, if you want the rock then get the rock. Oak 24 will knock a block off. I've played a 24 for years. I get punch for days......


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I played a 22 for many years and got the itch for something bigger so a couple years ago got a 24. I haven't really played the 22 since, though it sounds just fine. I think if you have a 20 already, you might as well go with a 24 so you'll have a big and a small instead of a mid and a small. Can't go wrong with a 22 though - it just ain't a 24 :)


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If price is not an issue the oak if it is the stage custom .I think either will do the job fine. Either size would also do the trick think. I don't think the 24 would get in your way to much honestly. Especially if you mount the toms off the bass drum. Also if you look for a 22 sc you may wanna just look for a kit on ebay that has a 22 with it. Sometimes you can get a kit on there for near the cost of a new bass drum. It may be hard to get a color match though.

Bo Eder

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I play a 26, so you know I'm gonna recommend the 24. However, I've played 22"s for years too, and can understand their useability. And, you'd have a bigger selection of heads from every store you go to. 24s, not so much. So from a practical standpoint, the 22 is a slam dunk.

But from a presence standpoint and sheer power, I'd personally go with a 24 (and have in the past). Now that I've played a 26, I don't know if I can go any smaller. It's so nice to have that sheer power of that size that I don't have to work that hard, either.


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I think if you have a 20 already, you might as well go with a 24 so you'll have a big and a small instead of a mid and a small.
Tend to agree with this.

In a perfect world I'd have two bass drums.....both a 20" and 24" to swap out depending on the application. Alas, my world is far from perfect so I opt for a 22" as a compromise.

Can't go wrong with a 22 though
No, you can't. Pretty much why it's become the most common bass drum size. But like you say, the 24" is the drum that will really give you some seperation from the 20"