Adam Deitch

I dig Lettuce a lot. Their live record from Tokyo is killin. Also don't forget the John Scofield record Adam did called "Up All Night". Another great one. This guy has listened to a lot of the old school funk and soul and mixes it with the new school.


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Yes, he's pretty great. I recommend checking out Scofield's Uberjam album: Deitch lays down some good grooves.

Here's Deitch playing with his dad, a funk drummer himself:
Uberjam is a phenomenal album, and Deitch is the future of Funk. He's going to be a torch bearer for sure.

Btw, his dad's a funk drummer AND so is his mom. No wonder...


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New Adam Deitch Video

For any Adam Deitch fans out there:

Tama has a new promo video featuring Adam Deitch playing two different SC Bubinga kits: a five-piece SC Bubinga (Chinese factory) with Starphonic aluminum snare, and a cool 18/14/12 jazz kit in SC Bubinga Elite (Japanese factory).

Video is accessible via and look for features of players.


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I knew Adam Deitch from the recent Modern Drummer DVD. Never heard of him before, but his performance just blew my mind! He's such an incredible drummer. I love his work with Break Science (I hope they'll release a new record soon), Lettuce and John Scofield.

Really an amazing drummer and influence!