Acoustic Treatment with Carpet Padding?

I plan on making a few sound absorption panels along with bass traps and diffusers to achieve an equal frequency balance in my soon-to-be home studio. While I have a plan on what to use for bass traps and diffusers, I can't seem to figure out what would be the most effective/cost efficient material for absorbing high frequencies.

As of right now I have my mind set on high density carpet padding, which I can buy in bulk for a relatively cheap price and easily cut to achieve the desired panel sizes. I had an idea of somehow incorporating Green Glue noiseproofing sealant in my panel builds but nothing is for certain yet.

Tips, ideas, suggestions?


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The ideal thing is rigid fiberglass panels covered in cloth. Some of the studio supply places sell it but look around your area for contractor supply places and OC703. Either the 2" covered and flat on the wall, or the 1" in a frame held out another inch from the wall for a bit of LF absorption. My corner traps are 2" OC703 with R19 loosely packed behind them.


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I made some panels using OC703, three layers (6") wrapped in loudspeaker cloth. Stick one in each corner of the room and impale a few on the walls. Quite effective and relatively cheap.