Acoustic Foam in Kick Drum


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hey guys,
i have a birch kit and want to do something different for the kick drum. i want to put acoustic foam ( the egg shell shape which is 4" tall) around the inside of my kick drum.
does anyone of you did it before?
how will it affect the sound of my kick drum?
i want that deep sound with attack and loud!


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i think tama use to sell a foam piece for the kick drum. if u do buy one make sure that its long to touch both head.

have you tried a kickport? suppost to make you kick a bit louder and give you low-end or something

Midnite Zephyr

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I use acoustic foam but I only use about a 10" wide piece and it touches both heads. Works great! Better than laundry.


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Acoustic foam, or any med-high density foam in the bottom of the bass drum is great for taking out those errant high overtones (basketball boing). It only needs to touch the heads if you want to muffle the head response, & you only need a small amount. A 12" square is more than sufficient. High density closed cell foam is even better (i.e. neoprene).