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Hi guys.

Signed up because I am inching ever closer to my dream of learning the drums.

Some background: I've wanted to play the drums ever since I was 16 but was never allowed a kit and as a result have had a guitar thrust upon me since I begrudgingly gave in aged 20. I'm now 23, and as much as I 'like' guitar I don't really love it, and I really just feel like drumming is the one I'm really after. I've never even played, I just know I'll love it, if that makes any sense at all.

Anyway. In order to not annoy the neighbours too much, I wondered what sort of kit I should look at buying and in which price range? I've heard you can get silencer pads for the acoustic but just how quiet does that make it? What should I go for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kit choice may depend on neighbours/space, i have used those silencer pads and they cut the drums down to about talking volume, although they make they remove most of the drums actual sound (you end up with a dull thud).
If there's no more replies when i come back from eating ill give you some more info.


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Just play the drums loud and proud!

This will force you to focus and make positive progress.

Neighbors usually call the cops on people who suck at playing.

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Craigslist, used, Roland, mesh heads, $300 -$1000

Making the switch to acoustic will take some work but you can certainly work on coordination skills with a Ekit and headphones.


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You live in a house or an apartment?

Upstairs or downstairs?

Common walls and ceilings are the trouble spots.

Kits are the most annoying to downstairs neighbors, the kick
makes a thud on the ceiling (even e-kits).

In a house, with all the doors and windows shut, you could likely
get away with an acoustic, but stick to polite hours.