Acoustic drum to midi converter

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Good day all,

Our guitar player is using the EZDrummer plugin in Pro Tools to do our demo drum tracks. This of course allows you the ease of moving beats around, changing velocities etc. However I'm finding it very cumbersome on more complex songs. It seems that just playing the songs using trigger on by acoustic drums thru a midi converter would be faster and still allow the ability to change things without having to rerecord the track. If anyone can suggest a better way I'd like to hear your ideas. As far as midi converters, I've found a couple. This Alesis unit:

or this Roland unit:

Has anyone had any experience with these units? Are there any other units someone would like to suggest. Thanks in advance.



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I used EZDRUMMER with a standard Roland TD-3. Low end brain, but it worked great as a plug and play midi converter. Any of the Roland brains are going to come pre-mapped, so just get the cheapest thing you can. I wouldn't worry about spending a bunch on what is essentially a glorified MIDI I/O