Acoustic caulk

Janet Tambour

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I'm getting some conflicting info on this stuff.
I've been using OSI SC-175, but can't seem to find it anymore. Turned to the company and they said there are some supply issues.

I was originally told a year ago from someone who sells GG that its only for 'glueing' drywall together. But recently I heard that they have a 'new' product that can be used as caulk.

Or is there another caulk that would work as well as OSI SC-175?

Oh I'm using it to affix rigid foam to wood. And drywall to wood.

Janet Tambour

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Right? I'm very unhappy with Lowes right now. :( I think they're live stock isn't available on the online shopping. I'm quite sure, they're completely out of stock and on back order like the other 5 places I've tried to buy it from. Like I said, I contacted the company that makes the caulk and they said, its available, but supply issue have made it 'hard to find.' I've already been on hold with my project sine 6/22/22 I'm sick of cooling my heels on this and want to move forward. I've given up on OSI caulk. I'm looking for another product, maybe it could be Green Glue, though 4 times as expensive at most places I've looked. :(


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Green Glue is a non-drying elastomer that raises the resonant frequency of the drywall sandwich.
Green Glue Acoustic Caulk is simply caulk for seams, ceiling, and wall joints that stay flexible for years so the acoustic properties of the wall won't "leak"

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I used Loc-Tite caulk on all my acoustic foam, but I can't find any record of the exact product number. It comes out of the tube milky white but dries clear. There are two versions of the same caulk: one has an immediate bond, but I used the one that gives you a few minutes to make minor adjustments. Zero issues with adhesion on all my foam eight years and counting. You can contact Loc-Tite directly for what they recommend.