Achieving my ideal bass drum sound


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The sound that I'm going for is punchy with a decent amount of presence but not really boomy and not super dead.

I have a 20x16 Maple Ludwig Centennial bass drum.

I plan to use Aquarian head's. I'm thinking a super kick 1 as the batter with a force 2 as the front head. I'm not sure of I will need any internal muffling or not and I'm not real sure how I should tune the head's as I really have no experience with the super kick head's. I also plan to use an Aquarian double kick pad on the head as well.

I play a good amount of double bass as I'm in a metal band. So I want the sound to not be muddy when doing double kick. But not super dead either.

For you all that have experience with the super kick 1 do you think I will be able to get the sound I'm going for which this head combo and do you have tunning, muffling, etc, advice?


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Pre-muffled heads like the Super Kick need to be tuned pretty high; higher than you might think in order to get a good solid tone and not just a dead slap.

With a Super Kick and a Regulator front head you probably won't need any other internal muffling.


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An Aquarian Super Kick 1 batter head with an Aquarian Regulator reso head is a good combo, the Super Kick 2 would probably be too much muffle action for the sound you're looking for. Get a ported Regulator head and if you do need to muffle it at all try a towel or two but don't overdo it, I just two long strips from an old Mexican blanket and it's just right for me, raising the tension on your resonant head will increase the punch.


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Thanks guys!

I honestly thought about just doing an sk 1 with a regulator front head with no muffling. But I was not sure if it would still be too boomy with no muffling in the kick.

Funny thing is that with my current head's I just tuned them to JAW because I was trying to get rid of some of the boom. I have been using a force 1 batter with a force 2 front head with a Tama kick pad in the drum.