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There are lots of threads on Drummerworld along the lines of 'I can't do this . . . ', 'I'm stuck', 'how do I . . .?' etc.

So, perhaps it's time for a thread in which we can talk about the joy of learning drums. Well, I guess we'll see if anyone else is interested . . .

I'll get things started . . . I'm in an intense phase of learning, pre my band's first gig and I have in the past few days . . .

* spontaneously started using French grip as well as my usual German matched grip
* started really feeling time, counting it, knowing it, consciously as well as unconsciously in my bands set list tunes
* started to really get around the kit, feeling the beats between the groove more for fills etc
* started working on the Purdie shuffle - it came from nowhere. I just started humming it, then thinking it through, and then playing it. I love it when inspiration sneaks up like that
* my hands feel superb, really well worked out almost all the time, and they feel BIG for some reason :)

I know I'll get lean periods in future, and it'll be good to look back on periods of achievement like this.

So, come on folks, tell us of the joys of learning drums you've experienced recently!

Liebe zeit

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Finishing writing my second drum book and getting it into amazon etc - does that count?
Well, yes, I was hoping people would contribute from all levels of experience.

What challenges were there in writing it and how did you overcome them?

And what's the book, btw?


Well, yes, I was hoping people would contribute from all levels of experience.

What challenges were there in writing it and how did you overcome them?

And what's the book, btw?
Well... The book took me around a year to make, This was about 2 years after i recorded and edited 150 drum lessons and the book works with the videos for teachers and students of the drum kit.
Paid a fortune for many proofs and since it's release at the end of March 2011 it is selling very well.

The book details are Here

The book is FREE with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING if purchased with the Video Course with PDF notation here

I love playing drums and i love to help drummers who maybe hit brick walls in terms of material to practice and helping with technique etc.,


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I think I had a major breakthrough with my hands the other day that's been about a decade or more in the works. I love it when the clouds part and suddenly things work in a way they never have before. Drums are neat.


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I am so early on it that every lesson feels like a major increase in my playing ability. Hand and foot triplet combinations last week and I went home and played them for another 3hrs.

I agree drums are great


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I too am VERY early into the whole drumming experience, started my lessons in March, and any little thing I learn is a great achievement. Even little things like leaning correct grip and correct foot pedal technique feel like giant steps to me at this point. I know that my boyfriend says my musical timing has become much better since starting to play drums and that's good to hear.

I can't wait to see what achievements await me as I progress


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1) Played perfect 16th notes at 100 bpm until my right arm seized, choked and fell off.

2) Finally able to play single stick rolls with my left hand using standard grip - Inspired by Joe Morello.

3) In the past few weeks, stopped trying to fill every millisecond with sound and started using space. What a difference!

4) Getting closer to my goal of being comfortable enough to sit down in a music store and play in front of other people.

Great thread idea!!


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Just recently, everything I play with my hands sounds better than it used to. Why this is, I have no idea!


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Entered Music School this year and I feel that my overall sound, dynamics, levels, power is coming to a next stage, I feel I sound great, which I never did before.
Also my technique is more comfortable and smooth, still need to work in speed and endurance though.
And last, I get to play with really talented musicians in 2 bands.
It's been a really good year.

(I love this tread :D)


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one achievement that i am darn proud of is:

1. Designing a "working" portable/improvised drum set from recycled materials w/c i can detach, assemble and carry wherever i wish.
a. my son learned how to play the drums thru my improv. kit. (In the future, i will let him take formal lessons)
b. sometimes i get orders
c. being able to teach others, i gain friends from jamming sessions
d. check it out (pardon my playing)---


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I don't think I've ever noticed any progress in my playing. Any progress I may or may note have made will have happened (or not) without my knowledge ...

I do seem to be more comfortable playing at low volume than in the past.