Lunar Satellite Brian

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obviously yes, they are essential to all drummers.

Look at the old greats like Buddy Rich, do you think that even for a second they played drums without proper stick holders and drumming gloves?


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Of course neither is needed for drumming, even for gigging.

I choose to utilize a stick bag with partitions so I can easily keep track of the varied tools I enjoy. It zippers closed so things don't get loose in transit.

Gloves? I guess I might entertain this for outdoor gigs in the spring and fall, but I have no need for now.


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As for gloves - only a tiny fraction of drummers is using them. DON'T use them until you need to. Just go on practicing/playing, work on your grip (grip your sticks just as strong as you need but still staying relaxed) and in 99.x% of cases you wouldn't need gloves. You should use sticks that are reasonable for your hands/playing style though. If stick grip/finish is an issue (having the sticks slip out of your hands) - try different sticks with some other coating/finish. If that still doesn't work (which is highly unlikely) - try gloves. But forget about them for now.