Accessing PDF files from Dvd


So i got the John Riley Master Drummer dvd which is great but I cant get the pdf files that are his exercise transcriptions. I put the dvd into my pc and nothing came up. Do I have do download them or I just missing something....I'm confused

Alain Rieder

Silver Member
I don't know how different it can be on a PC, since I'm on a Mac, but if you insert the DVD, you should be able to see its icon on the desktop and open it (if the DVD is in playing mode, maybe you should first quit the app that's running it).

Then there's three elements at the first level of the DVD:

Document: PDF E-Book.pdf
Folder: Play Along Tracks (in wav format, you can burn on a CD, or convert to mp3)
Folder: VIDEO_TS (the actual DVD movie files)