Accenting notes


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Hey everyone
ok so basically imagine
you are playing 8th notes on your hi hat
and constantly playing ghost notes with accents
or well a better example would be any shuffle
so basically when u play an accent with your right hand
is it natural to accent with your left hand as well on the same note??
is it correct to play like that or left hand should be without that accent?


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It’s cleaner to not accent the hi-hat along with the snare accent, but there’s 2 things getting in your way: the natural tendency to accent both hands at once, and (if you’re playing the hi-hat cross-handed) you might have to lift your hi-hat stick out of the way when you wind up to play the snare accent, which makes it even harder to not accent the hi-hat because the stroke is now coming from a greater height than a regular (unaccented) hit. If that makes any sense.

So, as with so many things in drumming, it’s practice practice practice!


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Both applications have their place. If I was shuffling, and using my crossed right hand on a closed hi hat, I'd accent the HH. If I was shuffling with the right hand on the ride cymbal I wouldn't accent the right hand on the 2 and 4.

Each is perfectly valid, and not saying that you shouldn't accent on the ride cymbal. It depends if it works for the particular piece you're attempting.


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Put it this way. If you don't have full choice in your accents on any limb at any time, you need to practice, not just accept it. Full control is the goal.