AC with DC


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...Went to a Dennis Chambers clinic on Tuesday.

The man is simply amazing.

I don't know what more I can say.



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This is your 2nd DC clinic if I'm not mistaken, Barry.
Lucky you got within mustache -tickling distance. Great pics, btw..
One of my unfulfilled dreams is to see this man play, up close!

PS ( chk out a tune by him called Otay.. think its on his DW page as an mp 3 )

Meat the beat

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I was fortunate enough to see him at a Zildjian day at the Forum in London back in the 90's - Awesome then... Awesome now.

Thanks Dennis.


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Who's the guy with the fake moustache?
...not sure.

I think it's either Luigi, or the guy from the pringles potato chip tin.

This was the second time that Dennis Chambers has done a clinic here at Festival Place, as Aydee pointed out. This time he played less and spoke more. He wowed the crowd both ways.

I am still in awe.



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Dennis Chamber's - wow - that had to have been a great night baz, sure to be some good memories...

i just found out today that he was here in Calgary wednesday night - but i missed him, did'nt even know he was in town, still bummed...