About to start learning. Tips please :)


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Hi I'm about to buy my first kit. I'll be looking at a electronic drum kit (as to not annoy the neighbours) with mesh heads. Likely I'll be getting a second hand Roland kit. Anyway I'm into metal music and eventually that's what I want to play.
For most metal I listen too the drummers use double bass pedals. So my question is, should I buy a double bass petal from the start and learn with that or wait till I have established myself with a single pedal??
Also if I do buy a double bass pedal do I need to change the bass drum on the Electronic bass drum or will it be set up and go?

Thanks for any advice :)

Duck Tape

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Most e-kits accommodate double pedals. The ones with a foot-pedal but no pad will obviously not.

I don't see why you can't get a double pedal straight away, as long as you learn to use the hihat pedal also. Get a few lessons at least.

Super Phil

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Yes, get lessons! Also, I know you want to rock that double bass, but don't neglect that left foot for open hi hat stuff either.


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The best kit you can afford. Good teacher. Learn the rudiments and practice them until you dream about them. Double pedal is fine but learn one then both.