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I've started play drum for 9 months and I am started learn finger technique. When I start play 80 bpm the drumstick starts to slide forward from my hand. I am working on it for 3 weeks but I could not fix it.

I've watched most of videos from youtube but I did not understand some important infos because of my english. Could you please help me.


I am using this option but translate is not good. For example jared is saying : dont press to much, turkish translate is writing “press” word like journalist etc. Because press word’s meaning is like push but mean in turkish like journalist.

if you know how can i fix stick slide problem could you please guide me.

Push pull stroke

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If you do not restrict the rebound of the stick as much, you are less likely to have this problem. If you post a video of your playing, then it will be easier to help you.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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Fingers now eh... Where is this going? 😄


To be serious.

Sticks will move around in the beginning as a natural result of a propper loose grip. They will never stop doing so, you will just get so used to it that you intuitively compensate before things get out of hand. You will get more and more sensitive to it and eventually it will be a complete non issue.. 3 weeks is nothing. Even 3 years isnt much to fully master it, really. Just be aware and give it time.


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Sticks generally slide up in the hand when there's too much squeezing in the fulcrum. Try to relax the front of the hand and think of the fulcrum more as a ceiling over the stick instead of a pinch point. With the front of the hand more relaxed you'll feel the weight of the sticks on the back three fingers which should be driving. Sqeezing up front too much robs the fingers of their opportunity to develop properly.