About bass drum amp.


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Thank you very much for your answers, I will give a try with a microphone I have. The best for getting more boom than attack is to sit the Mike in front not inside the bass drum isn’t it ?
Anyone agreed with my idea of having a plain front head instead of a vented one on the bass drum head will help to get more bass?
My musician mates are afraid of damaging the PA if I Mike it up the bass drum !
I agree with plain front head for more boom

What muffling do you have in the BD?


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Has anyone here ever had their own separate bass drum amp? Not going through the PA?
Usually when my bass drum is mic'ed up and going through the PA system it sounds good.
But I'd like to be in complete control of my bass drum sound and volume. What kind of amp should I use?

I have and it worked quite well. I'd just mic (a CAD D10) the kick and use a mic cable that had an adapter to 1/4" that went into a spare bass guitar amp. An amp with a single 15" speaker and at least 100 watts seemed to work well. For a while I had an Acoustic B100 amp that did the job very well. It weighed about 50 pounds - so if you're trying to travel light, it's something to take into account. My preference is to run the kick through the PA, but if we are on a gig with a smaller PA system, a separate amp works very well. I always made sure to place the amp away from me so I didn't think I was too loud and hold back on volume.


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I agree with plain front head for more boom

What muffling do you have in the BD?
Almost nothing, a small baby blanket. The fuller / boomier sound I got was - to my surprise- once with a Premier XPK, full front head plus a blanket.
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