Ableton live vs. Logic Pro

Swiss Matthias

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I'm considering switching from Logic Pro 9 to Ableton Live 9 (standard, probably).
Has anyone experience using both DAWs? I'll have to buy new software anyway
since Mac OS High Sierra is coming, and Logic 9 won't be compatible anymore,
so I either will have to uprade to Pro X, or take the opportunity to try something

There are two reasons that got my interest:

a) lots of drummers (or musicians in general, for that matter) use Ableton Live in
live situations, so I'd like to at least know the software, too

b) I record my own drumming (,
but only quite rudimentarily, so I guess Ableton will perform that as well. But what
I mostly want to do is compose and program my own stuff using midi and stuff (see
my released videos so far:
While Logic can do a lot of stuff, obviously, and I've no problems or complaints, I
guess (or imagine) Ableton Live may even be better and versatile for that.

Which leads me to the question to all of you who know both softwares:
Can I use ableton to record on a rather basic level? 4 channels (BD, Sn, 2 OHs),
sometimes a bass or keys (not simultaneously), very little editing and EQing,
I actually rarely EQ, and to be honest I'm not too interested to even get much
into that field...

Thanks for all helpful comments!