AAX Stage Hats


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Nothing earth-shattering here, I just wanted to share that I got a 14" AAX Stage Hat Top off ebay a few weeks ago to replace my A Custom Mastersound top that cracked (medium thin top over a rippled bottom: recipe from premature crackage, IMO & now experience). I figured a heavier top might be just the thing.

But the combo of Stage Hat Top over the AC MS bottom sounded and played terrible. It worked reasonably well with my New Beat bottom, though. So I found a cheap AAX Stage Hat Bottom on ebay last week and last night paired them up for the first time.


They can do quiet with nice articulation and they can do loud without losing control. They're a bit lower pitched than my New Beats but have a great sizzle and sound awesome fully open. They bark quickly, too. I'm so impressed, I think I like them at least as much as my New Beats.

Thing is, is that I bought a pair of new Stage Hats last year (online) and hated them. They were really clunky and the articulation was crap. They were loud, though. I returned them inside of a week.

I guess Stage Hats are like a box of chocolates... and I just lucked into a tasty! (and not bad at $116 for the pair)