AAX 'Praise and Worship' ??? Are these same as other cymbals?

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So I'm buying my first decent cymbal setup and I love hearing the AAX cymbals. They fit my style quite well and the value of the bundle is good.

I've found 2 AAX bundles both are very similar, one is labeled the 'Praise and Worship' pack designed for church music. They both have X-Plosion crashes, 21" RBDR and Hats, (14" X-Celerator and 14"meds in P&W pack)

My question is simple, is this a marketing label? Or is the 18" X-Plosion different in each pack, and the RBDR is the same or somehow made different for Gospel. I think it has to be just a label, but I ask because the P&W set had a bonus splash and a good value as well. I just wanted to make sure I dont buy something I'll regret because I'll likely never play gospel or church music. Any insight much appreciated. Thanks.


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Nah, the marketing label is based on the configuration of cymbals not the cymbals themselves. "This is the mix of cymbals a gospel drummer would use" is the idea. But of course you don't need to play that style to use these cymbals properly.


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AAX are generally loud and cutting series, can’t go wrong as they have a lot of cymbals in that line. What pack are you comparing the P&W pack with?

To answer you in short- No it is a label for the AAX pack.
There is/are no praise and worship series within AAX or Sabian for that matter.

Essentially the P&W will give you thin(ner) crashes with exploding sensitivity, yet cuts out, and again not exactly sure what you’re other pack is but that’s Xplosion series in a nutshell.

I have the 16,18,20 Xplosion crashes. I also have the accelerator hats and find they are quick and sensitive as well yet loud open washing. Not too crazy about the closed hits, something about the thinness of the hh pair makes the sound bit muffled, maybe the vents as well (my 13” AA fusion hats are louder in all phases, has vents as well - is a heavier hh pair).
I think the RBDR is what it is - good stick definition with a dry pinging bell.
I hope this helps.
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I bought a set of AAX that did not have that type of branding on them.
Just an AAX bundle....at a discount cuz of old logo.


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It's all marketing.

Heartbeat cymbals are marketed heavily to praise and worship. I play Heartbeats in church, bars, biker gatherings, and various other places where I play. A good-sounding cymbal is just a good-sounding cymbal.