Aaron Spears: R.I.P.

The news took me by surprise.

I spent quite a bit on flight to head out a few states just for his clinic some years ago, and always wondered if I splurged just to watch him play. I'm glad I did it upon hindsight.

I suppose I'm one of the many drummers that he's influenced and made an everlasting impact on.

RIP to one of the GOATs.
Monster player and by all accounts a genuinely good dude.

Heartfelt condolences to his family and all who were lucky enough to have known him.
Listen to the man.

I just got asked to start showing who I am as a drummer in addition to learning someone's songs.
Well, who I am was shelved a couple years ago when I started going to jams. Some lifer jam people made me crush down that 'me' drummer. Not sure I'll be me again.
I guess I'm rediscovering me. I'm still an active right foot guy. A cymbal choker, lol. A quad filler. A Portnoy filler. A bass drum galloper.