Aaron Scott


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Hi everybody,
I'm an Italian drummer (so excuse me for my bad use of your language).
I'm new in this forum, this is my first post and it's about the absence, in the main list of drummers, of one that I think is an amazing jazz drummer, in my opinion one of the best living jazz drummer of the world.
His name is Aaron Scott.
He performed with some of most important jazz artists (and not only).
Well, I am not a friend of him, nor a relative, I'm just an old drummer, I love Jazz and I can't believe a fantastic musician as Aaron Scott is not present here.
Awaiting for your replies,
Greetings from Italy


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I am from Italy ,, Roma). In my own opinon jazz drummer..,: Aaron Scott has been 'famous' as long as he played with..: Mc Coy Tyner , Trio.,!!, then seams as disapeared,..-
Secondo la mia opinione il batterista jazz.,.: Aaron Scott è stato famoso fin quando ha avuto modo di suonare nel Trio di..,: Mc Coy Tyner , ma poi sembra come 'scomparso'..-
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