A tip for guys with wraps

john gerrard

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A friend and I were talking about detailing cars. I mentioned that I would like to find a good dressing for my convertable top. He turned me on to a product called 303. I bought a bottle and this stuff is awesome. I was reading the bottle and this stuff works great on all plastics. I even use it on my clear plastic convertable windows. It's good for chrome and stainless steel. It's got uv protectors to protect against sun rays. It's supposed to keep plastic from becoming hard and brittle. Haven't had it long enough to know about long term but so far it is great. Just thought I would pass it along. I found it on flea bay. John


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Its called 303 Aerospace Protectant. We in the E-drum world use it to clean rubber cymbals and pads. Great stuff. A bit pricey, but a bottle will last years.