A "Thank you!" Shout to Pork Pie


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Over the holidays, my son (he also plays drums) bought a used Pork Pie Hip Pig set through GC. It took a few extra days to arrive (UPS decided to send it the wrong way across the country) and when it finally arrived there was a small rip in the box. The bag holding the tension rods had been cut as well, and two of the floor top tension rods were missing. They were a slightly unusual length, 7 1/4" and I couldn't find replacements at my usual Internet sources.

So I called Pork Pie and explained the situation. The young man said, "hang on, let me see what we've got." We laughed a bit and I gave him my address. I was ready to give him my credit card when he said, "Don't worry about paying, I'll put them in the mail for ya. I hope your son loves his Hip Pig!"

To me, that was a fantastic example of customer service. It was probably the least important, most dinky order he had taken all day, but the young man treated it (and me) like his biggest customer. So I wanted to share the store with everybody here, and tell how much I appreciate Pork Pie's way of doing business!


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Good to hear about companies with great customer service!
But this issue really was GC's fault and theirs to handle, so if something like this happens again I'd definitely contact the seller of the used product rather than the manufacturer.


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Actually let me clarify, the issue was not with GC, it was with UPS. The box was routed all over the country and the box was damaged in shipment. The drums themselves were undamaged, only two tuning rods lost (whatever cut the box also cut the bag.) If I went to GC, all they could do would be to let my son return the set (which he wouldn't do.) If I went to UPS, it would be a damage claim that would take weeks with no idea what the outcome would be.

Sometimes the "best" action is to simply fix the problem. I was willing to pay $5-10 buy a couple of tuning rods and let my son get to playing. Pork Pie was fantastic to work with! (And GC has refunded the shipping charge.)