A stray stick into your rack tom

Duck Tape

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I don't think I've played any of my kits at length without poking my stick straight into the shell of the rack tom directly in front of my snare, and either leaving a pockmark or small scratch. I'm really bummed about doing it to my new kit, it's the tiniest little spot but now I know it's there and my kit is no longer pristine. Wondering if everyone does this or some manage to avoid it.

Sometimes wonder if I should hang a little protective shield/plate from the tension rods by a string.

Capital D

I used to have that problem too. But like Andy said, I moved my seat back a bit and fixed it. Never fixed the marks on my tom, though. ?

I was looking at Tackle Instrument Supply's website just the other day instead of working and saw that they are selling leather patches that you tie to the tom to prevent rash and stick marks. I'll bet you could make something cheaper if you wanted to, though.