A Star at Guitar Center


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A few months ago I had an issue with some DW parts I bought at 2 different stores that were different. I had discussed the really trivial issue on this forum and and got a lot of different responses. I traded numerous emails with both Guitar Center and DW to no avail. I had all but given up, when I read a post from a gentleman named Jeremy Cole, who is the Director of Sales Programs at Guitar Center. He had commented in another thread about an issue someone else was having. So I figured I would send him an email and see if he could advise on my issue as well. Within an hour I got back a response that he would get it resolved. That was on March 30th. Yesterday I received the parts from DW.

My purpose of this post is to publicly thank Jeremy for his efforts. When I notified him, he created a Guitar Center ticket to document this issue, and he cc’d the Drum Buyer who reached out to DW, who then sent the parts. It is too bad that this had to be escalated to be resolved, but it does show that Guitar Center Corporate does have people that understand customer service. KUDOS TO JEREMY. THANK YOU. Guitar Center take note: you have a star here in Jeremy.


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GC do get a fair bit of bashing (no pun intended), unfortunately some is deserved, but it is good to hear about the other side, glad to hear things worked out, and kudos to Jeremy for reaching out to you!


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Great! My local GC has some actually knowledgeable staff members as well, so I'm glad to share my positive experiences with them since they aren't nearly as bad as the stories I've heard are. Plus they sold all their 15" heads a while back at $5 a pop, so... I'm in luck :)


I contacted Jeremy about an issue I had at GC too. I'll echo everything that has been said already and say that it was refreshing to have this kind of service back at GC. He's -very- good at what he does.

Unfortunately, the manager he put me in touch with for local sales hasn't been so responsive. I traded a couple of emails with him and he never got back to me about a question I had concerning future sales. Just this last week I've spent a few hundred dollars on software. If he'd gotten back to me I might have sent some business his way.

Still, Jeremy is great and he'd get my business any day. GC is lucky to have someone who cares as much as he does...