A Slingerland kit on "Pawn Stars" TV show


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Rewatch the episode and look for the close up of the badge and vent grommet. REWRAP is what that picture screams.

Yep ..the grommet ....and that not a Slingerland wrap.,not to mention one of those toms was an add on.Me thinks orphan kit possibly made to look like they were born together.

Steve B


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That wrap is called Electric Turquoise and DW first offered it starting in like 93 til approx 99. Premier also used it on one of their low-line kits in the late 90's. That kit is prob not a "family" or original. $500 was right on. FWIW, remember that all these reality shows are edited and scripted to show the viewer a story-line that is entertaining. I'm sure more details of the kit were discussed and researched "off camera".


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I also think the guy was asking to much. there were not even any bottom rims or reso hoop on the bass drum. But I did think Ricks comment about the double toms being rock and the one tom being jazz was funny. I was also thinking had he never heard of Ringo Starr or John Bonham.


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Those guys are knowledgeable on a lot of things . . . . drums AIN'T one of 'em!
We all know the "go to" config for a "rock" kit is 1up2down these days- usually 12-14-16 with either a 22(usually) or 20 bass drum, depths dependent upon manufacturer and their philosophy. This guy is a douche bag. I HATE those guys- when I DID watch the show, it was for historical info and interesting stories of how it all came into whomever's hands- these guys run a PAWN SHOP, they are bottom feeding scum whose entire business (INDUSTRY!) is based on buy it for 10% of its worth(based on a fraction of street price), lying if needed to get the price lower, and selling at 80% of retail.

aHEM . . . . end of tirade on soapbox. sorry if ihurt your ears . . . .

I can identify with the "ponding eating scum" part. There's this moron idiotic jerk on my local craigslist (hope he's reading this...) who once or twice a month posts an ad like "..my son is in college and needs a Rogers, Slingerland or Ludwig drum set and we're a low income family..." blah blah blah. Trying to get suckers to sell them their set cheap and then the turd attempts to resell on ebay. Yeah, scum.

New Tricks

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Didn't see the show, didn't need to.

Retail = buy it for $500, sell it for $1000. It's common practice, especially in a business like that.

It sounds like he would have over paid at $500.


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Where I live Pawn Shops exist mainly for criminals to sell stolen property period. The people who work in them are borderline criminals (probly scared of prison so its the next best deal for them, they get to be around "their" kind all day long). When I worked music retail and guitars or other high end items were stolen 99% of the time they turned up in regional pawn shops. Of sourse the owners of the pawn shops are SHOCKED at this behavior becuase they are there to help people...gimma a break really.
If I ever deiced to become a felon, maybe I will see Pawn Shops in a good light.


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I met them in Toronto, on my flight to Vegas. Cory was typical american kid, spoiled, ungrateful and obese.