A Sincere Thank You to Guitar Center From Newtown


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The Newtown Arts Society was loaned space in a large store for a, "Healing Newtown Center"
The center is designed for families to heal through the arts.

Guitar Center was a major donator.
Here are some pics that were taken of the drum kit that GC donated to the people of Newtown.
I snapped these after I set up and tuned the kit for an Open Mic night that my band sponsored last night.


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It is a 4 inch wide hoop I believe. The bass drum is an 18"x22" but it looks longer with the hoop. The kids love it.
The kit sounds awesome!

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Wow that's a pretty serious kit to donate. dw9000's, zildjian A's and all. Does it stay setup where anyone can play or do you lock it away?


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It stays on the stage but it gets moved off of the stage frequently when space is needed for other events that are almost constantly running at the Center.
There are always Art Society members there when the Center is open.


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That's really cool of them!

It might be a good idea to get some Vater Slick Nuts (which you can lock with the Allen wrench) and an allen-wrench locking hi-hat clutch just to protect those nice pies.

Still, it's a very nice gesture.


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The kit is just the tip of the iceberg.
GC donated many more items.
Many other companies have donated and they are also deserving of a Sincere Thanks.

Bose donated a full Double Tower PA system.
Sennheiser donated state of the art wireless mics.
The amps were donated.
The lights were donated.
The stage was donated.

The store that the Healing center is in is going to be rented next month to a new business so they are currently looking for a new home for the Healing Center.
They have asked donating companies to hold off on delivery until a new space is found.
There is much more on the way.


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Thanks for sharing this Bob. The mission and purposes informing this project are just all kinds of cool. And, how great to see the transformative capacities of music and other arts acknowledged and supported in this way. This very inspiring stuff and I can imagine it must mean something to you to have had a part in it.


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Great to see the positive side of such a terrible situation. Also good to see GC doing positive stuff, especially in light of the bashing they get. Real people are always happy to get involved.

Again, good on you Bob for the effort you & so many others have put in. You're a good man.


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It really does help the healing.
I was skeptical at first.
It was a good feeling to be there last night while members of all ages gathered to eat pizza and cake while musicians of all ages played just about every type of music.
It was a soothing and relaxing evening that took on a life of its own.
I just stood back and took it all in while I watched the people.

In a few weeks we are doing a larger show in the local theater. We have the High School Jazz Band and Chorus along with Us and three other bands lined up.
We are going to raise money to keep the Healing Center open. There are electric bills etc that need to be paid even though the space is donated.
I hope that it keeps running as it has.


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Nice to hear good stories like this. GC isn't all bad and yeah they could have donated an inexpensive kit but went all out. Good for them..