A Series 18 Medium Crash $130 Is it a good deal?


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The current situation of our Economy, I would try to Bargain
that $130.00 to maybe $90 - $100.00
if it were New the 130 was a good price.

my 02 cents :^)

I totally agree, I'd never pay 130 if it were used.


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$130 is a good deal for the cymbal...since it is used I would of course always try to get the price down, but if I had to pay the $130 I would go for it as well only after I tried for a lower price!


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Make sure there are no cracks or keyholing.........A series IMO sound better with age, darker and warmer usually. So depending on the sound to your ears It may be worth the $130. You can easily find cheaper used on ebay but if this one had caught your eye and your gut says go...........Then go with my blessing my son :) LOL


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Too much. Be patient & cruise eBay. I just picked up an A series 18" medium ride for $69 & an 18" A series medium crash for $72. Both are in nearly new condition.