A revolting development


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Not the best title, but this is a family forum.

Last night the toilet in my studio flooded my studio with raw sewage.

My drums were up on a riser. Guitars were hanging on the walls. No instruments were damaged.

But the floors, some of the walls and ceiling underneath all have to come out.

So, now I'm out of a place to make music for a while. (I know, first world problems) Just as my shoulder was finally feeling better.


So to answer the rhetorical question of why is this idiot posting online and not practicing, at least this time I have an excuse. heh.


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Tough luck, man!! Good thing the instruments were properly stowed...but that still stinks!

Floating Drumset...I saw one in a video once.


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Sorry to hear that. Happened to a family member once while they were away and was watching their place. We were up all night removing the carpets and tossing stuff out. Terrible mess indeed.


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Talk about timing being excrement!

Really glad your instruments escaped unharmed though.


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Hmmm. A familiar quip from a Womb forum member. Is that you, or did you just knick the line? (Which is great, BTW, I’ve used it too.)
Not sure which member you're referring to! For the sake of clarity I am the member previously known as 'mediocrefunkybeat' but I haven't gone by that name in these parts for some time.

If you mean 'Womble' then I'm afraid he is AWOL. Which is sad.


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Not good Ian, not good at all. Even though it doesn't lessen the unpleasant task & ensuing inconvenience, were you covered by insurance?

It could have been so much worse - it could have been my house ;)

Anon La Ply

Please place tampons and sanitary napkins in the bin provided ...

When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade. When life throws crap at you, make mud pies.


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They're safe, unless someone reverses gravity of course.

Wait a minute, that means all Saturns are under threat.
Wait, maybe I shouldn't have told you I had insurance, and I could have guilted you in sending me a free set of Gurus.


(just kidding of course)

Bo Eder

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That's a major drag on activities. But I guess it could be worse. I thought you were going to announce that you bought some Mapex Saturns.


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So sorry to hear that but it will have me kick the boyfriend into gear on building the platform he promised me! Hope you can get up and going again soon.